Bounce Beyond Schools

We are the UKs first education based mini-rebounder workshop provider. We can include Literacy, Numeracy and Science alongside Physical Education!!

Based in Kent we are an independent family run team that work all-over South-East England.

Our workshops are specifically designed and tailored to the needs of each group.

Using high specification mini-rebounders we bring all the equipment to your venue and deliver energetic and exciting workshops combining the above-mentioned curriculum subjects (or to your specific requirements). We also have our very own Bounce-a-Mile challenge using our unique bounce counters to motivate the pupils to work hard in a fun way!

Rebounding is impact free and accessible to all, promotes self-esteem and encourages the children to exercise in a fun way. Stability bars can be provided for any particular needs, making this a highly inclusive activity.

Research has shown that rebounding can improve children's cognitive development and co-ordination.

We also have extensive experience with SEND and EBD both personally working in schools for many years.

Bounce Beyond Fitness Classes

Bounce Beyond Fitness Classes by Bounce Beyond

High intensity, impact free exercise classes achieving a whole body workout in a fun and explosive way.

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Bounce Beyond Schools

Bounce Beyond Schools by Bounce Beyond

We are the UKs leading education based trampoline workshop provider covering Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Physical Education.

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