What We Offer

All our staff are highly trained and experienced in all things “spring” related. We have been working in schools / collages and training providers for the past 10 years delivering a multitude of bounce related activities to include:

  • Competition Trampolining and Coaching
  • Therapeutic Trampolining
  • Staff Training
  • Academic Workshops
  • Staff Development and Teambuilding
  • Exercise and Wellbeing Classes
  • Health and Wellness Assessments

Freelance Trampoline instructor Hire

Bounce Beyond staff hold current up to date British Gymnastics Cycle 6 trampoline instructor qualifications! We have extensive knowledge in skill development and athlete centred performance.

Therapeutic trampolining

We have over a decade of experience in delivering therapeutic based trampolining, we believe that anyone with the right support should be able to access this service! Trampolines can be adapted to allow special access and equipment can be used to allow a more sensitive and fun experience

We have access to a multitude of trampolines and in centres in and around the UK!

Bounce Beyond Fit Classes (7 years to adult)

Rebounding is THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT! and what’s more its 87% IMPACT FREE

High Intensity low impact classes delivered by our qualified instructors. Set in a nightclub infused environment (Lights / Lasers / Smoke) a whole body workout can be achieved whilst toning and strengthening your muscles at the same time, you will burn around 400 calories whilst bouncing the session away, want to bring the kids? No worries, children are welcome from 7 and up when accompanied by a adult over the age of 18.

Stability Bars are available on request, please email us upon booking your class and we will be sure to bring one along

Sports clubs

Looking for something different in terms of training, rebounding has been proven to be 87% impact free so our classes are a fantastic way to keep fit, develop fitness and enhance muscle development without the risk of injury! Please get in contact if you feel this would benefit your club!

Thanet Athletics club : Ray delivered a low impact training session to our sprinters, who had just came of the back off a winter training session, Ray tailored the sessions to challenge the athletes but in a safe and structured way! The athletes where surprised at the amount of work they put in and loved the fact it was impact free, thus eliminating any further impact on their bodies! James Bridge (Sprints coach and founder of Thanet AC)

Bounce Beyond Fitness Classes

Bounce Beyond Fitness Classes by Bounce Beyond

High intensity, impact free exercise classes achieving a whole body workout in a fun and explosive way.

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Bounce Beyond Schools

Bounce Beyond Schools by Bounce Beyond

We are the UKs leading education based trampoline workshop provider covering Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Physical Education.

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