Who We Are

We are the UKs leading provider of Academic Based Trampoline Workshops! Fitness Classes and Training!!!

We are a family run business with a wealth of experience in Education, Athlete, and SEND needs!

You are guaranteed that the quality of any workshops is absolutely, and always first rate. We make sure that all of our workshops and classes are fully inclusive and that everyone can take part!

We aim to make sure that every bouncer has an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

This could be the reason so many people rebook our services again and again...?

All our staff are highly trained and experienced in all things "spring" related. We have been working in schools / colleges and training providers for the past 10 years delivering a multitude of bounce related activities to include:

  • Competition Trampolining and Coaching
  • Therapeutic Trampolining
  • Staff Training
  • Academic Workshops
  • Staff Development and Teambuilding
  • Exercise and Wellbeing Classes
  • Health and Wellness Assessments

Meet the team!

Ray - Bounce Beyond


Master Trainer / Instructor / Coach / Extensive experience in working in education, Mainly in SEND, previous roles include Head of Physical Education / Assistant Head Teacher.

Ray has a very sporty background, once a national High Jumper before playing national level Volleyball! Ray currently coaches the High jump Squad at Thanet Athletics club and his favoured piece of training equipment is ... yup, you guessed it, a rebounder, and why? Because a full body workout can be achieved yet limiting any impact.

Karen - Bounce Beyond


Class instructor / Coach / Master of keeping us running behind the scenes / Karen's background is In ASD and EBD. Karen worked as a Teaching assistant at Stone Bay Special School for over 10 years.

Florence - Bounce Beyond


All round amazing helper and soon to be instructor, Florence loves rebounding and always attends our child friendly sessions on a Sunday!

Jamie-Adam - Bounce Beyond

Jamie – Adam

Currently in training but soon to be promoted to Master Trainer! Jamie loves bouncing around the house, even without his own rebounder!

Bounce Beyond Fitness Classes

Bounce Beyond Fitness Classes by Bounce Beyond

High intensity, impact free exercise classes achieving a whole body workout in a fun and explosive way.

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Bounce Beyond Schools

Bounce Beyond Schools by Bounce Beyond

We are the UKs leading education based trampoline workshop provider covering Literacy, Numeracy, Science and Physical Education.

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