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Bounce Beyond

We are the UKs leading provider of academic based rebounding school workshops, adult fitness classes online and face to face.

We are a family run business with a wealth of experience in Fitness, Rebounding, Education, Athlete, and SEND needs.

All our workshops and classes guarantee that you exercise in a FUN and exciting way!

Our Promise

You are guaranteed that the quality of any workshop is absolutely, and always first rate. We make sure that all of our workshops and classes are fully inclusive and that everyone can take part.

We aim to make sure that every participant has an enjoyable and beneficial experience.

All our staff are highly trained and experienced in all things "spring" related. We have been working in schools / colleges and training providers for the past 10 years delivering a multitude of bounce related activities. Our two main focuses are:

  • School workshops – spending the whole day overseeing each class separately – operating in Kent / London and all over South East England.
  • Group exercise - Bounce Beyond Fit classes – find us online and face to face in the community in Thanet, Kent

We also cater for:

  • Private groups/youth groups
  • Birthday parties
  • Fitness parties
  • Competition trampolining and coaching
  • Therapeutic trampolining
  • Rebounder sales packages for schools with or without training
  • Rebounder sales for home use
  • Staff development groups
  • Health and wellness assessments
  • Personal Training

News Feed

The only Nasa Approved workout!!
The only Nasa Approved workout!! - 05/01/2021
Back in the 80's NASA did some research into the effects of using a mini trampoline on the body- they needed something to rehabilitate their astronauts after being in space. What they found out sparked a major surge in popularity in the fitness industry which has been rekindled in recent years.  This makes some really  interesting reading- i have noted the key points- please see below:  Trampolining — rebranded “rebounding” in the fitness industry — does wonders for your cardiovascular, respiratory, and musculoskeletal system, as well as your mental health. Rebounding has been shown to improve your proprioception, balance, and muscle coordination, and encourage the flow of lymph fluids throughout your body. Best of all, although rebounding can be an intense aerobic form of exercise, the elastic trampoline bed absorbs much of the impact of your landing, making it gentle on the joints. Unlike running or jumping rope, rebounding spares your knees and ankles. This makes it an ideal form of exercise for any age or fitness level. NASA’s research revealed that bouncing on a trampoline increases blood flow and oxygen consumption at a rate far greater than running on a treadmill.  Rebounding is low-impact so it’s suitable for older adults. Studies show trampoline training can improve dynamic stability in older adults by increasing plantar flexor muscle strength, as well as their ability to regain balance during forward falls. . Bone density If you’re of advanced age, exercising on a trampoline might help you avert the risk of a hip fracture, in more ways than one. Not only will trampolining improve your sense of balance, but it will also slow the loss of bone mass. . Body composition After 12 weeks of a mini-trampoline rebounding exercise program conducted three times a week for 60 minutes including warm-up and cooldown, the study’s (overweight, female) participants significantly improved on measures of body composition, such as fat mass and lean and muscular mass. Participants also reported improved mental well-being and feelings of vitality. Lymphatic system functioning I think there is good reason to be skeptical of the claims that rebounding “flushes out toxins.” However, the lymphatic system is stimulated by movement, and we know rebounding encourages the flow of lymph fluids throughout the body. Lymph fluids carry essential nutrients and lymphocytes (immune cells), while also disposing of waste products such as “stagnant proteins, bacteria, viruses, and other cell waste.” So perhaps it is not too much of a stretch to say that rebounding boosts immunity, considering it increases lymph fluid circulation throughout the body due to optimal cycling between large acceleration and free fall. Mental Health We know that exercise is an effective intervention in the treatment of mild to moderate depression, provided that one is both willing and able to partake. Any form of exercise is likely to have a beneficial effect on mood, however, the mental health benefits of rebounding are best reaped high in the air. Studies show happiness on a trampoline is associated with increased air time. The bigger the bounce, the bigger the mood boost was the consistent report from participants in a study of the biomechanics of trampolining. Given our predilection for roller coasters and skydiving, it’s not surprising that we find near-weightlessness thrilling. Rebounding requires responsiveness to a constant change of gravity, enhancing your powers of proprioception, and improving your balance, stability, and muscle coordination.
Bounce Beyond is staying Online in 2021!!
Bounce Beyond is staying Online in 2021!! - 31/12/2020
As the year draws to a close we reflect back on the ups and downs twists and turns of 2020!  What a year for us all, i'm sure covid-19 has affected all of us in some way or another? So as it stands we are still delivering school workshops but our fitness classes in the community are currently on hold due to local Tier restrictions (subject to change of course!) but we now deliver online classes instead every week, working out from home has been come part of our lifestyles since the pandemic started, we have tried new things, even gained extra qualifications!  But now really is the time to keep healthy and fit more than ever wouldn't you say?  Christmas has passed and the new year is upon us, what goals do you have for 2021?  Rebounding has so many health benefits, its low impact so its really kind on your joints, it burns a ton of calories and boosts your immune system by flushing out the toxins through your lymphatic system!! (Just to name a few!)  If you would like to know about the health benefits of rebounding or would like to try an online class please get in touch info@bounce-beyond.co.uk  We wish you all prosperous New Year 2021!!  Ray & Karen 
Netherfield CEP Christmas Bounce!
Netherfield CEP Christmas Bounce! - 14/12/2020
It was such a delight to get the pupils bouncing away having so much fun and exercising at the same time!!  Its been a tough a year for the youngsters so its been very rewarding being able to bring some joy in such bizarre times!  Thanks for having us Netherfield we wish you all a Happy New Year in 2021 lets hope its a good one! 
  • Image of B Active Project

    B Active Project

    The Bounce Beyond classes was a fantastic session as part of our wider community funded project, Ray and Karen are fantastic instructors and made the sessions fun, engaging and energetic!

    This is a great activity for anyone, no matter your age or ability, the sessions are designed to be fully inclusive and most importantly make being active fun, we look forward to working with the bounce beyond team in the near future" Colin Rouse, Sports and Health Development Officer at Thanet District Council.

  • Image of Thanet Beavers

    Thanet Beavers

    Wow... Holy Trinity Beavers have just had one of the most fun nights doing bounce. Ray was fantastic with the kids and they totally loved it.

    We even had a mini bounce disco at the end as a well-earned reward.

    Thank you so much Ray.

    Lucy Beanie, lead instructor

  • Image of Changing Minds

    Changing Minds

    Thank you so much to Ray and the team at Bounce Beyond for providing Bounce fitness sessions for our members! We all had loads of fun each week and could definitely feel the fitness benefits after each session. Bounce fitness has been such a fantastic experience for us and has provided a perfect low-impact source of exercise for us all.

    We would definitely recommend Bounce Beyond fitness to any organisation or individuals who are seeking a fun and engaging way to get fit!

  • Westgate Youth Project

    Ray came along to The Umbrella Club in Westgate to run a rebounding workshop with a group of young people with hidden disabilities. It was fantastic and they loved it. Ray is a great instructor and took into account the needs of the young people taking part, we will definitely have him back again.

  • Thanet Autistic society

    I would just like to say a massive thank you on behalf of all our members and parent's /carers at the National Autistic Society Thanet Branch.

    You were amazing, the children and some of the parents and volunteers bounced away and loved it! Your understanding with regards to the music volume and also the microphone was fabulous. It was an absolute pleasure to have you and we will definitely be asking you back in the future.

    Kerri Smith Branch officer

  • Thanet Athletics Club

    Absolutely brilliant, the sessions where fun, explosive and most of all impact free, ideal for our athletes who are currently going through their winter training. This activity is brilliant, particularly for athletes who partake in a lot of impact, IE high jumpers, Long jumpers and triple jumpers, even the fittest of our athletes found the activity a challenge.

    James Bridge, Founder of TAC

  • Image of Margate Karate Club

    Margate Karate Club

    Ray and Karen have delivered 2 sessions with us now, and both have been absolutely fantastic, we cater from youth right through to adults and Ray adapted the sessions to suit each age group! Ray surprised us by tailoring the sessions to suit our sport using lots of fitness and condoning based activities as well as balance and coordination! We will always use Bounce Beyond as the participants not only benefited from the sessions but thoroughly enjoyed it too!

    Gary Adams, Founder and Coach @ Margate Karate Club

  • Image of Millmead Sure start

    Millmead Sure start

    Ray was very good with the children his calm and professional approach worked well. I would be happy to book him when needed. Ray help a young lad who was struggling with his balance by providing him with a bar so he could participate. He used maths within the session which went down well.

    Feedback from the young people was positive.

    Some of the feedback comments. I loved tramlining, I liked bouncing up and down, can we do this again, all of it, I enjoyed the music, not long enough, I enjoyed doing different games

    Diane Evans Outreach team coordinator