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High intensity, low impact classes on mini-rebounders set in a club infused environment (light depending) with top tunes, lasers and smoke machine (water based) suitable for all abilities, men, women and children from age 5+ (children must be accompanied by an adult).

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Case Studies and Feedback

"Love these classes! Tried it out about 5 months ago after seeing a friends post on FB. I am totally addicted now. My best things in life combined, being active, great music and atmosphere. I've noticed my body is much more toned, balance and core stability improving, I've lost weight and I have no pain from previous knee and ankle injuries when doing the classes as it is low impact. Win win! Thank you Ray and Karen for starting this great business up and being so supportive!"

Yvette Vincer age 44

"I have started my experience with Bounce Beyond in August 2019! My body is changing after each classes (and I love it), mentally and physically I feel amazing. Can’t imagine stopping. If you are looking to change something in your life, if you are looking for better toned body and you would like to leave stress behind you that’s the best place to do so. Karen and Ray know what they are doing 💪"

Iwona Leszczynska

"When I first started bounce, I had not been long out of a relationship that left me anxious, feeling bigger than I should be and quite frankly very low mood.

I plucked up the courage to go to bounce one night to try and get out of this downward spiral I was heading. I felt sick with worry that I couldn't do it or that I would be judged(my thoughts ) However, literally the moment I walked in, I was welcomed and made to feel like I was capable of doing anything. I'm not going to lie, it made me sweat and I was pushed...But, I have not looked back! I go 3 times a week , I have met some amazing people and my mood has lifted. I am positive and confident and have lost 1 stone 5lbs...The instructors have been so supportive above and beyond anything I have experienced in the past. My social life started with having confidence to talk to people and the group of people I meet, old and new are lovely.

To be honest if I miss one class I really miss it.

I damaged my wrists and couldn't even hold a dinner tray without dropping it! Now I'm doing press ups! Love love love it"!!

Emma Bedding, Age 44

"I started rebounding as I have to do low impact exercise due to having a total knee replacement, I feel energised and happier. I started the class about 7-8 months ago the class is great fun for all ages and abilities, I am reaping the benefits now as I have lost some weight feel fitter met some great people and would not miss it for the world. Ray and Karen are great instructors friendly and welcoming, rebounding has had a positive effect on my well being, I can't thank Ray and Karen enough".

Linda Link : Age 61

I just love my weekly bouncing class. Ray and Karen have made me feel very welcome. The class is fun and very active and I feel amazing afterwards. I can't always keep up, but I love it. Thanks guys. See you Sunday.😁

Alison Mcdermott Ageless Thanet Member

"I am a 50 year old, overweight and very unfit lady. My only regular exercise was playing golf once a week and then only when the weather was good!

Ray approached me about holding some Bounce Beyond Fit sessions at my work place and I loved the sound of it. Initially I asked Ray to consider a class for older people thinking I'd be too unfit and wobbly to take part in the usual class. Ray encouraged me to come and have a go, helping me with the technique and reassuring me that I could ease off when I needed to, he even provided me with a stabiliser bar to give me confidence I wasn't going to fall off.

Well, what can I say, from the first class I was hooked. Yes it's hard and yes I'm a bright red heap at the end of it but wow what a difference it's made to my health. I have lost two stone in weight, my body shape has changed and I have noticed an improvement in my cardio stamina. The results to my body have been so noticeable in just a couple of months that it has motivated seven of my colleagues and their friends to join up! Bladder weakness was a problem for the first few sessions but not now!

I have to say, what makes a huge difference is the semi darkness, disco lights, vapour and great sound tracks which together with firm encouragement from Ray and Karen plus the lovely friendly class makes for an experience where I do not feel self conscious, old, fat or unfit. In fact I have now joined a gym and have realised it's not age that stopped me getting active it was attitude.

Catherine Eeles Aged 50

I joined Ray & Karen Mitchell's Bounce fit class in March 2017, this was after losing some weight & wanting to find something fun to get fitter with, what I gained from their classes was so much more.

Yes my fitness levels have improved massively, I've kept the weight off & am the healthiest I have ever been. I can struggle with minor joint issues so the low impact workout is brilliant for me. The lively fun atmosphere is so uplifting & I can honestly say when leaving the classes I feel invigorated. The benefits to my physical health & also to my mental health attending Bounce have been amazing. The difference it has made to my overall well being is truly fantastic & I look forward to each class, I have made some great friends & have gained a healthier mind & body.

Gillian Kennedy aged 43

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