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How much are the school workshops?

Workshops start from as little as £300

Where do I find out about your classes

You can find out more about our classes on our classes page

Do I need to book?


When and where are your classes?

Click "classes" tab to find your nearest class

How much are your classes?

£6 pay as you go or £4.50 for ages 5-16. (Class passes available also saving you money)

Can I pay for a class on the day?

Yes, but only through our booking page, but spaces do sell out fast, however but you can add yourself to the waiting list if its fully booked.

Can children come to class?

Yes, but only when accompanied by a paying adult from age 5+ (Sundays are very child friendly).

Can I attend when pregnant?

Unfortunately, no. We always advise to see professional advice before returning.

Is this suitable over 50s?

Absolutely! We have clients in their 60s-70s!!.

I have previous injuries/surgeries with my knees/hips/back etc is this a safe exercise for me?

Rebounding is 87% impact free on joints we have clients with knee/hip replacements but you know your own body so please come and try we do have stability bars to help.

I've had babies is this suitable for me?

Absolutely! Rebounding has so many health benefits and has been proven to tighten your pelvic floor when done regularly!

My question hasn't been answered

Please give us a call on 07523 855596 and we will be sure to take the time to answer any questions you have.