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10 minute healthy chicken stir fry recipe - 08/11/2019

Today's recipe takes 10 minutes to make! If your anything like me then time is always an issue when trying to prepare healthy meals on a timescale! So don't be ashamed to buy pre-cut veggies when time is running out!

Chicken stir fry with peanut sauce (for 2 people or save for lunch tomorrow)


2 chicken breasts (or quorn for veggie option)

1 packet of pre-packaged edamame bean stir fry(you can use any type of veggies)

Ground ginger, garlic granules, soy sauce and natural peanut butter 


1.Dice the chicken/quorn and stir fry until cooked.

2. Add the veggies into the pan and stir fry for a few minutes until softened.

3. Add 1tsp ground ginger, 1 tsp garlic granules, 1tbsp peanut butter and soy sauce to taste.

4. Stir fry until all the sauce is mixed together then transfer to a bowl!

5. If you have time you can add spring onions and sesame seeds to the top. 



10 minute healthy chicken stir fry recipe